Our Brands

SOHO Mood International

With an ambitious and creative approach, Soho seeks the unique element that will carry the brands further.


Advertising, Branding, Design

AIR Creative Agency

AIR is a communication agency specialized in the management and production of content for different media.


Editorial, Contents, Social Network

BWT Interactive

BWT is a digital agency that works in the world of interactive solutions.


Interactivity, Multimedia, Mobile

ARENA Experience

The Arena Experience acts in bringing brands to the public, working its physical presence to create impact and involvement.


Brand Activation, Events, Office

Mutation Box

The Mutation Box creates special and specific products to each business and each client assuring its originality.


Production, Printing, Merchandising


Répérage Productions is specialized in audio, video and photograph.


Photography, Audio, Video

DOBLYU Projects

The Doblyu is responsible for the creation and implementation of all projects and exclusive originals to Origami Group.


Management, Innovation, Development

Motion in Business

A consultant specialized in migration and business partnerships between the European and Asian markets, enhancing their approach.


International Business Consulting